St. Catherine of Sienna Award

Brief History and Guidelines

In 2006 at the annual meetings of the ACPA held in Granville, Ohio, the Executive Committee and the Executive Council of the ACPA established the St. Catherine of Sienna Distinguished Service Award. This is an occasional award presented to an ACPA member who has demonstrated extraordinary service and commitment to the mission and work of the ACPA. 

Anthony Lisska as 2006 president and Tim Noone as 2007 president-elect presented the motion establishing this award to both the Executive Committee and the Executive Council. 

Michael Baur of Fordham University, the 2006 out-going secretary, was selected as the first recipient of the newly instituted St. Catherine of Sienna Distinguished Service Award. 

The award is signified by a plaque given to the recipient and a lifetime membership to the association. The Officers of the Association recommend possible recipients to the Executive Council.

About the ACPA

Since 1926, scholars and thinkers, mostly based in Canada and the United States, have forged a unique tradition and community known as the "American Catholic Philosophical Association." Steeped in classical sources and cultivating the Catholic Philosophical heritage, this tradition is known for creative engagement with major philosophers of every era and bold responses to the themes and issues of contemporary philosophy. 

Catherine of Sienna Award: Past Recipients

2006 - Michael Baur