Analyzing Catholic Philosophy
2015 Annual ACPA Meeting
(8 October-October 11)

June Mailing: Theme for the 2016 Meeting

June 17, 2015

To our colleagues and members of the ACPA:

We are pleased to invite you to San Francisco for the ACPA's 90th anniversary meeting, to be held in the autumn of 2016.  The theme of the meeting will be "Justice: Then and Now."  Many arguments and proclamations today, in both academic and political contexts, are made in the name of justice, and yet the meaning of the term as used and the presuppositions of its advocates are rarely made explicit.  The question "What is justice?" is, of course, an old one: Plato's Republic comes immediately to mind, as does the fifth book of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.  Answers to the question have been proposed by figures as diverse as Augustine and Machiavelli, Aquinas and Mill.  And in our own day, John Rawls's theory of justice sent many philosophers off in new directions—although often with an eye towards the past for inspiration and intellectual support.  Perennial subthemes of this entire debate include the relationship between justice and equality, between justice and positive law, justice and divine law, and justice and equity.  Papers for the meeting might consider justice within particular philosophical traditions: Augustinian, Thomistic, Franciscan, Jesuit, phenomenological, existentialist, analytic, etc. 

We cordially invite you to submit papers on any of these topics, or in any philosophical area, problem, controversy, school of thought, subfield, tradition, or method.


Kevin Flannery, S.J.

ACPA Vice President

Ordinary Professor of the History of Ancient Philosophy

Pontifical Gregorian University