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The American Catholic Philosophical Publications

The American Catholic Philosophical Association offers a variety of publications. Members can join subscription services to access past and current publications.

The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly is a respected peer-reviewed journal published by the American Catholic Philosophical Association. It covers a wide range of philosophical topics and approaches, featuring scholarly articles, discussions, and reviews. Every fourth issue focuses exclusively on a specific theme or the contributions of a notable philosopher. Originally known as The New Scholasticism and established in 1927, it is recognized as one of the top philosophy journals in North America.

These volumes consist of papers presented by invited speakers, papers chosen through blind review, and the President’s Address.

The New Scholasticism was established in 1927 as the official journal of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. For over sixty years it published scholarly articles, topical discussions, and book reviews dealing with all philosophical areas and approaches. Since 1990 it has been published as American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly.

This series was established by the American Catholic Philosophical Association to promote research in the field of philosophy, with special emphasis on Scholastic philosophy. It was a supplement to the association’s quarterly journal, The New Scholasticism, and its annual conference series, the Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. Three volumes were published from 1938 to 1952.